Nojo and Sojo vs Noho and Soho

Upon dropping my blog casually into conversation with my dear friend Sarah whilst enjoying one of my last little caffeine hits as a northsider, she nonchalantly made reference to some new bar that she had discovered. It ended with her saying something like, ‘but of course it’s in Nojo.’

‘Where? What on earth is ‘Nojo?” I said dumbstruck.

‘North of Johnston St, and South of Johnston St, seriously Izzy, everyone’s talking about it.’

Now for those of you well to do travellers who have spent a little time in the trendy sts of Manhattan, you will all be well familiar with Noho and Soho, short for North and South of Housden St.

It appears the hipsters from the East Village are slowly infiltrating the inner north..will we soon have a mini Noho and Soho on the south side (North and South of High st if you hadn’t already guessed)?

Come to think of it, I suppose I already divide Chapel St up by High St. I rarely trek down past Commercial road, and well, the strip between High and Dandenong rd is honestly one of my favourite’s in Melbourne.

So here’s a wee little listing of my favourite’s in Soho:

Borsch, Vodka & Tears. Seriously best espresso martini’s. Period. Awesome polish food and really knowledgeable staff. Only downer is they don’t stock gin, but why would you drink gin when you can drink vodka from every corner of Russia and Poland?

Tyranny of Distance. A little trickier to find, just off Chapel st opposite the Prahran Lawn Bowls Club. It’s an old mechanic’s garage that has been converted into a café/bar. Delicous food, they make their own flat bread, and the space is wicked. Smoker’s delight, you CAN smoke inside.

Pandora’s Box. Perhaps the more sophisticated younger sibling of Windsor institution Orange, Pandora’s Box offers up some delicous European Spanish influenced tapas. Head chef Matt brings to the table some great starters. Try the Scotch Quail Egg with Cod ($6).

Windsor Castle. One of the best beer gardens in Melbourne. Sunny Sunday afternoons bring in a very trendy crowd.

Lucky Coq. Smack bang on the corner of Chapel and High. $4 pizzas. What more can I say?

Red Door. Best dumplings (and cheap!) The restaurant doubles as an antique store. Eat your dumplings in bed whilst enjoying the wine you bought down the street (corkage $5).

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  1. I will definately be checking out some of these little cafes! I love ‘lucky coq’ I’ve been there many times it’s great. I’ll let you know about my dining experiences 🙂

  2. i love tyranny of distance. best paella and saganaki!


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